Aramet OÜ was founded in 2012 and we are specialized in mechanical engineering and product development. Today our main team consists of 4 certified engineers.

• Our VISION is to become the market leader in product development and mechanical engineering with clients from the Baltics, Scandinavia and Northen Europe

• Our MISSION is to offer full service, from design to production, to our clients with quality, precision and clever design.

We have experience over a wide variety of engineering projects, but only few of them are in the section „completed projects“ because of confidentiality. Especially, we have a lot of know-how and experience with special trailers.

Our main designing and modeling tool is the latest version of Solid Edge. Free and limited version of this program is available:

Aramet OÜ is a member of The Estonian engineering Companies foderation – ESTEN Group, The Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry and our engineers are all accepted and nominated by Foderation of Estonian Mechanical Engineers. Aramet OÜ is a Member of EDIA (Estonian Defence Industry Association).

Some of our clients and partners