Completed projects

Here we have collected only few of our projects to give an idea what we are capable of.

Stainless steel u-conveyor with feeding conveyor
Automation / Food industry / Mechanical engineering / production
Lift for dairy industry
Industrial lift for dairy industry
Automation / Mechanical engineering
Church domes for the Russian Orthodox Church in Paldiski
Five different type of church domes
Metal constructions
Trailer with climbing wall “RT-1500 H”
Special trailer with integrated climbing wall
Metal constructions / Trailers
Terrace for private house.
Simple and stylish terrace with metal and wood.
Metal constructions
Production planning
Production planning in great detail.
Metal constructions / production
Human treadmill
Full scale treadmill for humans
Mechanical engineering
PL-1000P trailer
Multipurpose platform trailer
Label robot
Automation robot for textile industry
Automation / Robots / Textile industry
Extrusion calibration table
Calibration table for extrusion production.
Mechanical engineering / production
Fully automated production machine
Patented production machine. Our biggest project yet!
Automation / Mechanical engineering / production
Evacuation stairs
Safe and reliable evacuation stairs for multi-storied buildings
Metal constructions
Plastic board lamination line
Specially designed production line for laminating plastic boards
Automation / Mechanical engineering / production
Garlic sorting machine
Agricultural machine to sort garlic by size
Agricultural industry / Mechanical engineering
Boat launching trailer 5000 kg
Tailor-made boat launching trailer
Chopped bark conveyor
Conveyor for chopped bark transportation
Agricultural industry / Mechanical engineering
Coat cheese production machine
Coat cheese production device for food industry
Food industry / Mechanical engineering