PL-1000P trailer

PL-1000P is designed to be a multipurpose platform trailer, which can be used to transport inflatable boats, different construction materials, ATV´s, etc. What makes it different from any other trailer is the adjustable rear panel. Thanks to this capability this trailer can be used to carry long items when necessary. On the other hand, when carrying smaller goods it is compact and nimble enough to operate in the tight places. There are many hooking points for comfortable securing and attachment.

The length is adjustable from 4000 to 6000 mm , width is 2200 mm and height is 300 mm. The registry mass is 1000 kg and the trailer itself weighs 500 kg.

All side panels and posts can be removed or replaced with higher side panels . Furthermore, there are extra frame and soft cover in the option list.

This trailer can be modified and reproduced for other projects and clients.

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