Fully automated production machine

At the beginning of January we managed to complete our biggest mechanical project yet. This project is sadly patented and classified because of confidentiality and we can´t describe exactly the working principles or the name of this device. On the other hand, we can show some pictures and point out some interesting facts and figures.

  • This device is fully automated industrial production machine, which is patented by our client
  • The working principles are completely unique in whole Europe
  • This device is designed in collaboration with German engineers, who prepare and develop raw materials for this production process.
  • Linear movements, lifting with vacuum suction, tool cleaning systems, laser measurement and unique stabilizing systems are only dew interesting parts of this machine.
  • Dimensions: 3910 x 3330 x 3070
  • Mass: 3200 kg
  • Over 400 technical drawings
  • About 4 months of intense work
  • Category: Automation / Mechanical engineering / production