Plastic board lamination line

We designed a plastic board lamination line for our Estonian client. The client already had a laminating machine and we constructed the whole line around it. So far the laminating machine demanded 4 operators to be functional, but now the number decreased to one operator and one logistical engineer. The logistical engineer is not always necessary and the lamination line can be operated mainly by one person.

The lamination line takes in up to two EUR pallets at a time and unstacks the boards. Then the boards are evenly spread before going to the laminating machine. After the lamination process the boards are stacked again on the same EUR pallets.

This is a very clever and reliable production line which is specially designed for our client´s specifications. Our collaboration will continue with construction, testing and operator training.

This project included various strength calculations,  several simulations and over 300 technical drawings.

The designing process lasted six months and was designed by one engineer. It included a lot of prototyping and experimentation.

  • Category: Automation / Mechanical engineering / production